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Werewolf Big Bang
wrapping it up 
20th-Nov-2010 07:21 pm
hay hay sup hay
Hey everyone! werewolfbigbang is now over, and we wanted to thank all of our participants, artists, mixers, and pinchhitters, as well as everyone who served as a beta or sounding board for either a fic or the comm itself. Thank you SO MUCH. We got tons of great fic and bonus materials from a diverse group of fandoms and had a good solid two weeks of werewolfiness!

If you made your own art or mix, or friends made unofficial extras for you, feel free now to add them to your art mix/posts.

We hope to see you again next year! Meanwhile, we've gathered a master list below. Let us know if there are any mistakes!

Master List, Werewolf Big Bang 2010

Title: This Can't Be Happening
Author(s): jokerindisguise
Fandom/Pairing(s): Bandom - My Chemical Romance; Frank/Gerard
Rating and Warnings: R; Language, Violence, Death, Dub-Con, Drugs that remove a character's ability to give consent
Summary: Gerard is hopelessly pining after Frank. Frank is an asshole and practically rules the school. How is he going to get Frank to like him back? Not to mention Frank is a werewolf and Gerard's whole existence is built on the fact that he's supposed to hunt them.
Art: 1 piece by of_evangeline
Mix: 1 piece by fitofpique

Title: Dying Embers
Author(s): cho_malfoy
Fandom/Pairing(s): Twilight; Leah Clearwater/Bella Swan, Sam Uley, Rachel Black, Seth Clearwater, Edward Cullen, Jacob Black, other canon characters.
Rating and Warnings: PG-13 for violence, language, and mild sexual content. Major character death included.
Summary: An Eclipse/Breaking Dawn AU for werewolfbigbang. Leah imprints on Bella at the bonfire, and the confrontation with Victoria goes very differently.
Art: 3 pieces by beautiful_crow
Mix: 1 mix by ryuutchi

Title: In the Teeth of the Storm
Author(s): dark_roast
Fandom/Pairing(s): None (Original Fic); Gen
Rating and Warnings: R for bad language, graphic violence, and dark themes. (SPOILER) Depiction of an extremely severe car accident.
Summary: Cody Bouchet hasn't seen his mother since she abandoned him six years ago. But, when Cody's father disappears into the national forest where he works as a ranger, and is declared dead, Cody's mother returns to take custody of Cody. Marcella is not the mom Cody remembers. She is silent, and she's scary, and she's in a big hurry to leave. Even with the first storm of the winter rolling in, Marcella finds the fastest route back to the city on her car's GPS: the service road, through the forest.
Mix: 1 mix by thistledome

Title: Two Skins
Author(s): dragons_rage598
Fandom/Pairing(s): Bandom; Alex Marshall/Ian Crawford (background Adam Siska/Andy Mrotek, past Frank Iero/Bob Bryar)
Rating and Warnings: R; possible disturbing imagery, violence
Summary: Marshall's just had his first full moon and now there’s a new werewolf assigned to the unit who has an affect on the wolf that he just doesn’t understand. The brutal murder of a family keeps him too busy to think about it as it’s a race against time to solve the case. But the case isn’t everything it seems and if they don’t figure it out quick there may be more victims
Art: 2 pieces by howifall
Mix: 1 mix by prettykitty_aya

Title: Under the Hide of Me
Author(s): fleurdeliser and tuesdaysgone
Fandom/Pairing(s): Bandom - MCR; Frank/Gerard
Rating and Warnings: Mature; mob-related violence
Summary: Prohibition in New Jersey means mob bosses and bootleggers running hooch up and down the shore and into the city. Gerard Way, his brother, and their friend Ray are running an operation for the Capo Maranzano. Rival factions are trying to take over the business, and Frank Iero, from a prominent Mob family, is sent to them as their new driver. But the Ways and Ray are hiding two secrets: their own still on a farm in the Pine Barrens, and something darker yet. They're werewolves.
Art: 2 pieces by silentdescant
Mix: mix by mrsronweasley

Title: Like I've Never Seen The Sky Before
Author(s): floren8
Fandom/Pairing(s): CW RPS; Jensen/Jared, Chad/OFC (mentioned once), Mike/Tom (if you squint)
Rating and Warnings: R; "I messed up with their ages a little, schmoop"
Summary: Jensen and Jared hit it off almost instantly when they met, without being aware of their packs mutual hate. A misunderstanding separates them, but will Jared’s return bring a new light to that? Could that make them or break them? The rest of the werewolves are just praying to survive the imminent war.
Art: pieces by inanna_maat

Title: Sons of Atreus
Author(s): frostian
Fandom/Pairing(s): none, original fic
Rating and Warnings: R for language and violence; gratuitous abuse of medical science.
Summary: Dr. Kathy Duncan's foray into the private sector places her in the sights of Eichel Corporation. Feeling uneasy after the interview, she rejects their job offer. Unfortunately for Dr. Duncan Eichel Corporation isn't going to take no for an answer. Because they need her expertise in order to stop a genetic disorder from wiping out hundreds of people in the next decade, they are willing to spend millions ensuring that she changes her mind. And that's just the start of what they are willing to do.
Art: 1 piece by orockthro
Mix: 1 mix by wtfbrain

Title: Blowing Smoke Over the Moon
Author(s): gala_apples
Fandom/Pairing(s): Skins (cast one); Sid/Tony, with Sid/OMC and mentions of Tony/Michelle
Rating and Warnings: NC17; casual sex, quite a bit of drug use.
Summary: A time skewed second season in which Tony has healed from his accident and Cassie stays in Scotland. Sid lives alone after his father's death, but continues to party with his friends. Everything's pretty good, considering, until Sid goes to a party in the woods, blacks out, and wakes up with a nasty bite on his shin. After trying to deal with his new status by himself he brings Tony into it, a move made far more complicated by the wolf bringing up suppressed feelings that Sid needs to deal with.
Art: 1 piece by blood
Mix: 1 piece by listedheart

Title: The Cause Sanguine
Author(s): glasslogic
Fandom/Pairing(s): Supernatural; Sam/Dean - not related
Rating and Warnings: NC-17; Blood, sex, language ...possibly a half-eaten child or two.
Summary: Dean is lonely and depressed following the death of his father in a hunting accident. Guilt and grief are causing his life to spiral out of control, so he takes a rare moment of sobriety to walk away from everything and move to a remote cabin in the wilds of Montana. But it’s a very different world up there for him than the town-to-town drifting he has known all his life. Overhearing local gossip one night in a local bar, he gets into an argument over the reality of werewolves and stumbles out into the woods in an ill-advised attempt to prove his point. But things never go smoothly for Dean, and what he finds changes everything he understands about hunting, his father, and even his own purpose in life. Dean has seen and done a lot in his time on the planet, but nothing has ever prepared him to navigate the strange roads of a relationship with someone who is only human three nights a month.
Art & Mix: here by ldyghst

Title: Ollie Ollie, In Come Free
Author(s): hannahrorlove
Fandom/Pairing(s): House, MD; Daniel Wilson/OFC
Rating and Warnings: R; none
Summary: When Daniel Wilson ran away, he knew he wouldn't look back. He thought he'd never stop running, but as the seasons changed, he found himself changing with them - not like the rest of his family, but something entirely different.
Mix: mix by letut

Title: Consequence Chose
Author(s): hannahrorlove
Fandom/Pairing(s): House, MD; OMC/OFC
Rating and Warnings: PG-13; none
Summary: Reuben Wilson’s worked hard to get where he is, and it paid off – he’s got a respectable job, a loving wife, and beautiful children – but not everyone sees his life that way. Things that don’t work aren’t always broken, and there’s no running away from what runs in the family.
Mix: mix by seimaisin

Title: Shiver
Author(s): thrennion
Fandom/Pairing(s): Velvet Goldmine; Brian Slade/Curt Wild, though it's not the main focus of the story.
Rating and Warnings: R; Character death, violence, some slash, original characters.
Summary: AU. In 1920s London, Brian Slade is the most feted cabaret artist on the circuit. But there are rumours, as there are in every city and every profession. Though some, even the most outandish, are more true than others.
Mix: mix by thrennion

Title: Rock and Roll Problems
Author(s): impertinence
Fandom/Pairing(s): Vampire Diaries, Bonnie/Caroline
Rating and Warnings: Mature; violence, mentions of vampiric date rape.
Summary: Caroline turns into a werewolf. Then the real problems begin.
Mix: 1 mix by venacavaa

Title: The Daemon Within
Author(s): lenaf007
Fandom/Pairing(s): Batman General, with some Batman: The Animated Series and Nolanverse references splashed around for color; None; includes Scarecrow and Batman.
Rating and Warnings: PG-13 for cursing, gore, blood, and potential suicide; Suicide is considered as a possible cause of death, brief mention of fetal death, and much gore and cursing as well.
Summary: After a long night of terrorizing Gothamites, Dr. Jonathan Crane's secluded shack is the scene of a dangerous confrontation. In the middle of night a large, hairy creature bursts through the walls and chases him through a hay field. Barely escaping with his life, Crane thinks he's quite fortunate. But is there more to this curse than meets the eye? Can Batman find and help Crane before it's too late? And who exactly is this Romulus fellow anyway?
Art: 1 piece by theopteryx

Title: And Left You Bruised, and Ruined
Author(s): letut & erode
Fandom/Pairing(s): The Mighty Boosh; mostly gen, hints of Howard/Vince
Rating and Warnings: PG-13; Minor violence, hinting at accidental self-harm, some minor language.
Summary: People are more perceptive than one would want. Howard wants to live his life without ruining anyone else's, Vince hates secrets, and the Moon just wants to talk.
Art: 1 piece by lisaroquin

Title: Heart of the Wolf
Author(s): liroa15
Fandom/Pairing(s): Tennis RPF; David Ferrer/Tommy Robredo, unrequited Feliciano Lopez/Fernando Verdasco
Rating and Warnings: R to NC-17; AU content, explicit content
Summary: In a world full of magick, werewolves and humans are engaged in an undeclared war. Tommy and David find themselves captured by humans within their own territory. But salvation comes from the mysterious third race: the wizards. Or does it?
Mix: mix by prettykitty_aya

Title: Fade to Grey
Author(s): llwyden
Fandom/Pairing(s): Gabriel Knight; Gabriel/Friedrich
Rating and Warnings: NC-17; possible dub-con, depending how you look at it
Summary: In The Beast Within, the last chapter has always seemed to me to rely on Grace's refusal to give Gabriel Friedrich's letter. What might have happened if he'd found it anyway?
Art: pieces by attempt_unique
Mix: 1 mix by attempt_unique

Title: Lobo Gitano
Author(s): maryaminx
Fandom/Pairing(s): Supernatural; Dean/Sam
Rating and Warnings: T; Incest, small mention of suicidal thoughts
Summary: When Dean is bitten following a routine hunt, he thinks his life is over.
Art: 2 pieces by chosenfire28

Title: He Was A Teenage Werewolf
Author(s): maryangel200
Fandom/Pairing(s): Bandom - My Chemical Romance; Frank/Gerard
Rating and Warnings: NC-17; Violence and language.
Summary: Gerard is transfered to Queen Of Peace, a Catholic school, in the middle of term on his senior year. On his first day, after being forced to wear an ugly uniform and an itchy tie, he has to share a locker with a weird kid named Frank he eventually befriends, gets detention and makes enemies among the faculty. When Frank disappears, Gerard decides to investigate and stumbles upon a dark family secret.
Art: 1 piece by xanax_n_wine
Mix: 1 piece by slashxyouxup

Title: What Do You See If You Turn Off The Light
Author(s): mistokath13
Fandom/Pairing(s): Stargate Atlantis; John Sheppard/Ronon Dex
Rating and Warnings: FRAO; slash, vampires, werewolves, au
Summary: Getting bitten by a werewolf is bad enough, but it gets worse when living on a planet with five moons.
Mix: mix by impertinence

Title: Run
Author(s): mrsronweasley
Fandom/Pairing(s): Bandom - MCR; Frank/Gerard
Rating and Warnings: NC-17; none
Summary: Being a secret teenage werewolf is hard. Frank should know. He is one.
Art: 1 piece by kidsxheroes (note: contains major fic spoiler)
Mix: mix by maryangel200

Title: A Scent and a Sound
Author(s): mwestbelle
Fandom/Pairing(s): Bandom - MCR, Fall Out Boy; Frank/Mikey (some Pete/Mikey, mentioned Pete/Ashlee)
Rating and Warnings: NC-17/Adult; scentkink, explicit descriptions of preparing/eating meat, werewolf politics
Summary: In an urban fantasy world where werewolves can't hold a decent job and no roommate wants them, werewolf Frank is looking for an apartment. He finds one with Mikey Way.
Mix: mix by tortugax

Title: Lex Parsimoniae
Author(s): myths_by_kynx
Fandom/Pairing(s): 30 Seconds to Mars; Jared Leto/Tim Kelleher
Rating and Warnings: NC17; Light angst (flangst?), possible sexual-coercion if you tilt your head the right way but not really dub-con, enforced drugging (sleeping tablets).
Summary: Something, or someone is hunting Jared, either that or his paranoia and sleep deprivation are so out of control he's hallucinating a stalker. It's not quite a halluciation because he can see those, when they happen, this he can only feel. He's sick of the whole fucking thing; it followed him through the tour and all the way home, in his house. If he's insane, he wants to fucking know. It's ending tonight, and if it ends with a strait jacket and padded walls...well, shit happens.
Art: 1 piece by lisaroquin

Title: Better Run Like the Devil
Author(s): nev_longbottom
Fandom/Pairing(s): Bandom, MCR; Gen
Rating and Warnings: PG-13; blood, gore, and attempted child kidnapping
Summary: Mikey is a werewolf and Gerard is not. That's kind of the problem
Art: 1 piece by mwestbelle

Title: The Moon is a Blind Eye
Author(s): novembersmith
Fandom/Pairing(s): Generation Kill; Brad/Ray
Rating and Warnings: NC-17; offensive language; please read the caveat for the fandom at the master post
Summary: Brad Colbert had experienced quite a few disastrous mornings-after in his life, but this one took the proverbial cake, turned it upside down, and fucked it six ways to Sunday.
Art: 3 pieces by syllic
Mix: 1 mix by manipulant

Title: Man in the Moon
Author(s): okubyo_kitsune
Fandom/Pairing(s): Bandom - Panic! At the Disco, My Chemical Romance, RPF, The Young Veins; Bob Bryar/Spencer Smith/Brendon Urie
Rating and Warnings: Hard R/NC-17; mentions of bestiality (they...are werewolves) but no descriptions, underage situations (Spencer is 12 when he meets Bob for the first time, and I do keep to the age gap), mates from birth which could be construed as dub-con. Please keep these warnings in mind.
Summary: "When Spencer is born, he gets his dad’s blue eyes, his mom’s auburn hair and his great, great, great grandparents’ lycanthropy." A story about Spencer's life growing up as a werewolf, meeting his mate and being confused as to why one of his band mates smells so fucking good all the time.
Art: 1 piece by corbae

Title: A Thin Line Between
Author(s): prettykitty_aya
Fandom/Pairing(s): Bandom - Panic! at the Disco; Spencer/Shane (main), Shane/Regan, Brendon/Sarah (secondary)
Rating and Warnings: R; none
Summary: The nightmares start two days after Brendon leaves on vacation with Sarah.
Mix: mix by roadmarks

Title: Whiskey Soaked
Author(s): puchuupoet
Fandom/Pairing(s): Supernatural/Boondock Saints; Sam/Dean, Connor/Murphy, Dean/Connor, Sam/Dean/Connor
Rating and Warnings: NC-17; Incest, threesome, violence, implied werewolf sex
Summary: The Apocalypse is over, and almost all is right with the world. Sam and Dean are back to hunting the things that go bump in the night, in the hopes that it will fix the rift that's growing between them. A call involving an old friend of Dean's takes them to Boston, where a pair of werewolves are wrecking havoc on the town. While there they meet a pair of brothers much like themselves: a cursed bloodline, a tendency to find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time and the need to keep friends close and family closer. Post S5/Movie 1 AU.
Mix: mix by cloudlessclimes

Title: Leader Of The Pack
Author(s): robling_t
Fandom/Pairing(s): Being Human/Torchwood; George Sands/ PC Andy Davidson
Rating and Warnings: R; contains dark themes including: character death [referenced] and brief reference to suicide
Summary: All George wants is a quiet life, hiding himself away in a new city with his curse and his supernatural housemates. But when a lapse of judgment threatens to turn into romance, and then something else, the reluctant werewolf has to decide whether his broken heart will keep him from doing right by a potential new mate. And the moon is waxing.
Art: 1 piece by cryptocat

Title: Show Me Your Teeth
Author(s): ruby_fruit
Fandom/Pairing(s): AI RPS; Brad/Adam (Brad/Kris/Adam)
Rating and Warnings: NC-17; Some violence
Summary: Kris thinks if the universe were fair it would at least let him work out his own issues before it threw boy problems at him.
Mix: mix by erode

Title: Full Moon
Author(s): shana0809
Fandom/Pairing(s): Football RPF; Raul/Guti, Sergio Ramos/Iker Caillas/ Esteban Granero, implied Xabi Alonso/Steven Gerrard and Xabi Alonso/Raul Albiol, Sergio Ramos/Iker Casillas
Rating and Warnings: NC-17; none specified
Summary: What happens when you add three new werewolves to the already established Real Madrid Pack? Chaos, of course.
Art: 1 piece by llamapi

Title: lost in the falling dark
Author(s): seimaisin and tuesdaysgone
Fandom/Pairing(s): Bandom - My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy; Pete/Mikey, Pete/Patrick, Pete/Patrick/Mikey, Frank/Gerard
Rating and Warnings: NC-17; depictions of mental illness, for those triggered by such.
Summary: Patrick never believed in werewolves - until Pete transformed into one before his eyes. On Warped, he learns that the Way brothers are werewolves too, and Patrick's world is officially really damned strange. Patrick thought he'd figured out how to deal with his tangled feelings for Pete - by ignoring them. It seems like the best way to deal with his jealousy of Pete and Mikey, too. But Mikey seems to have other ideas.

Pete seems like the answer to Mikey's growing misery. Newly-sober Gerard is still learning how to control his wolf self without self-medicating, and he's been dancing around his relationship with Frank for far too long, in Mikey's opinion. But watching Pete and Patrick do the same dance just reminds Mikey of how lonely he feels, especially since he's feeling an instinctive need to be part of what Pete and Patrick share.

Art: 1 piece by iamsupernova

Title: Loosening My Grip
Author(s): shoemaster
Fandom/Pairing(s): NHL RPS; Duncan Keith/Brent Seabrook
Rating and Warnings: NC-17; none
Summary: Brent's got the werewolf thing pretty well under control after 24 years, but one little concussion and some emotional turmoil centered around his best friend/defensive partner makes things harder than they've ever been before. (angsting, pining, hockey, werewolf, rinse repeat. Takes place during the 09-10 season.)
Mix: mix by riadsala

Title: Your Pack Is What You Make It.
Author(s): soundslikej & aneli8
Fandom/Pairing(s): Bandom - MCR; Bob/Brian
Rating and Warnings: NC17; dub-con
Summary: "Dude's fine, Bob. He's got a little lady." Frank paused, took a drag of his cigarette. "Or a little man, I'm not one to judge."
Art: 1 piece by tuesdaysgone

Title: The Beast You've Made of Me
Author(s): sparrowshellcat
Fandom/Pairing(s): Supernatural, Wes Craven's Cursed; Sam/Ellie, Jimmy/Bo
Rating and Warnings: R; Character death, contemplation of suicide/euthenasia
Summary: After their encounter with Madison the werewolf, Sam and Dean decide to hunt down other wolves, thinking it might be part of a larger pack. However, what Sam doesn't know is that there is no such thing as "safe sex" with a werewolf, and the younger Winchester has already been infected. Maybe what Sam needs, however, is a pack of his own.
Art: pieces by beautiful_crow

Title: Moonstruck
Author(s): theturningworld
Fandom/Pairing(s): original fiction; gen
Rating and Warnings: PG-13; Violence (mostly of a wolfy nature, but some isn't and a little is directed toward a child, so it could potentially be triggery for abuse), semi-graphic transformations, some very minor language.
Summary: Rae is a little girl when her dad is mauled by a wolf; when the full moon rises the next month and he turns into a monster, everything starts to come apart at the seams, and it falls to her to keep her family from completely self-destructing.
Mix: mix by lady_moriel

Title: Claiming Cerberus
Author(s): thuri
Fandom/Pairing(s): Inception; Ariadne/Arthur acknowledged, Ariadne/Arthur/Eames implied, Ariadne/Eames one sided, Arthur/Eames one sided
Rating and Warnings: R; none
Summary: When Eames awakes, naked and smeared in blood with no memory of the preceding thirty-six hours, he turns to the one man he knows he can trust with anything. Arthur discovers the impossible truth behind the memory lapse and forms a daring and slightly mad plan to help his friend and colleague. But now he must convince the best extractor in the business to come out of retirement, reassemble his team, and perform inception on one of their own.
Art: 2 pieces by howifall
Mix: 1 piece by theopteryx

Title: Kiss of the Blue Moon
Author(s): tres_mechante
Fandom/Pairing(s): due South; Ray Kowalski/Diefenbaker, Ray Kowalski/Benton Fraser
Rating and Warnings: FRAO (adult); violence, language, a darker shade of RayK, 2 male wolves engaging in frottage.
Summary: During his career on the street, Ray Kowalski thought he'd seen it all. But nothing prepared him for the reality of werewolves roaming Chicago - or for becoming one.
Mix: mix by inteligrrl

Title: the midnight that lasted forever (that old saying about lovers in wartime)
Author(s): immortality
Fandom/Pairing(s): Dollhouse (AU); Whiskey/November, Victor/Sierra, Kilo/Juliet, Alpha/Omega
Rating and Warnings: R; Violence, language, character death.
Summary: The wolves, for all intents and purposes, were a science experiment gone wrong. Set in the near future, a werewolf virus has swept across the globe. Those infected have become the majority, turning humans (or purebreds) into a dwindling minority who are desperately trying to fight back. When two werewolf hunters, Whiskey and November, hear about a rash of brutal purebred slayings in Los Angeles, they set out to investigate.
Mix: mix by parcae

Title: Mapping Our Boundaries
Author(s): uglytidings
Fandom/Pairing(s): original; OMC/OFC - Robin/Ambrose
Rating and Warnings: R; brief, R-rated het sex
Summary: Life is a series of collisions with the future; it is not the sum of what we have been, but what we yearn to be. The story of how Ambrose runs away from home as a small boy and learns to deal with being a werewolf and where he meets Robin, one of the Red Hoods, an order of women who hunt and exterminate his kind.
Mix: mix by cloudlessclimes

Title: Kingmaker
Author(s): valderys
Fandom/Pairing(s): Being Human; George/Mitchell
Rating and Warnings: R; Non-graphic violence, sex with a man who was once an animal (so not bestiality in my book, but thought I’d warn, just in case)
Summary: In Nightshift, the supernatural police-force, every agent is paired with his canine Cwn Annwn companion. But George and Mitchell have no ordinary partnership, and one full moon their special bond is tested to the limit - until, in the end, maybe the only person who can save them is their new friend - the ghost girl, Annie.
21st-Nov-2010 01:45 am (UTC) - What a blast!
Thank you for all your hard work in putting this big bang together. Wolves (were or other) rock!
21st-Nov-2010 02:24 am (UTC)
You forgot the second story I wrote for the challenge.
21st-Nov-2010 04:19 am (UTC)
So sorry! It's in there now.
21st-Nov-2010 10:00 am (UTC)
Good times - thanks for running the challenge!
21st-Nov-2010 12:58 pm (UTC)
This challenge produced some amazing fics! Happy to have been a part of it, thanks for organizing!
4th-Jun-2011 04:49 am (UTC)
does anyone know a good Comm that i can go to where people post werewolf fics daily?
3rd-Jan-2012 09:46 pm (UTC)
FYI - "Lobo Gitano" is stating access denied ??"

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