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Werewolf Big Bang
Round 3 Posting Schedule  
6th-Jun-2013 12:18 pm
Star Trek - Kirk captains chair
Here is the posting schedule for Round 3. Please make sure you know the date you are posting. Posting instructions are up next!

Monday, June 10th
calliotrope & moushkas
mznaughty01 & bluefire986

Tuesday, June 11th
calrissian18 & fuckyeah

Wednesday, June 12th
backrose_17 & Aragorn

Thursday, June 13th
undeny & imera

Friday, June 14th
nanoks &evian_fork
del_rion& sentbyfools

Saturday, June 15th
tiny_white_hats & bluefire986
sadwal1538 & scoobydumblonde

Sunday, June 16th
loceheri & cassandra_ml
sentbyfools & dwg

Monday, June 17th
aerowyn & bumerbmw

Tuesday, June 18th
spikedluv & pondstiel

Wednesday, June 19th
redwriting_hood & masterpenguin82

Thursday, June 20th
thepsychicclam & pondstiel

Friday, June 21st
BlackCanine & chosenfire28
plaid_slytherin & leakypaintpen

Saturday, June 22nd
marzipanilla & aragorn
hobbit_kate & chosenfire28
scoobydumblonde & sadwal1538

Sunday, June 23rd
raktajinos & sentbyfools
saltandbyrne & ldyghst
bellacatbee & moushkas

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