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Werewolf Big Bang
Possess All of Me, torchwood/queer as folk/doctor who, r 
13th-Jun-2013 03:29 pm
Sailor Mars

Title: Possess All Of Me
Author: backrose_17
Artist: Aragon
Fandoms: Queer As Folk/Torchwood/Doctor Who
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Brian/Justin, Kathy/Tosh, John/Emmett, 9th Doctor/Cynthia, Ted/Blake, Rhys/Donna, Owen/Katie, Ben/Michael, Jenny/Daphne, Debbie, one-sided Ethan/Justin, one-sided the Master/Ianto
For centuries Jack Harkness and Brian Kinney have been hunters of the night, taking their pleasures from whomever they desire. Neither man cares that they are the only ones not mated but everything changes the moment they meet Ianto Jones and Justin Taylor, and discover that they’ve finally and unexpectedly found their life mates.

Mystery surrounds the two newcomers and it’s one that has Jack and Brian seeking to solve. Unfortunately, once uncovered, the truth is so much darker than either man could have foreseen. When it’s finally brought to exposed, the truth brings out the protective sides in both Jack and Brian, with amazing and highly satisfying results.
Word Count: 28,291

Author's note: sorry for being a day late but Livejournal hasn't been letting me post anything.

Link to Art masterlist: here

Link to fic masterlist: AO3 DW LJ

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