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Werewolf Big Bang
Maggie May, Teen Wolf, R 
18th-Jun-2013 06:20 am
teen wolf: derek&stiles - derekstiles by
Title: Maggie May
Author: spikedluv
Artist: pondstiel
Fandom(s): Teen Wolf
Characters/Pairings: Derek/Stiles; Sheriff Stilinski; Maggie (OC); Scott; Peter Hale (Melissa McCall & another OC very briefly)
Rating: R/Pre-Slash
Word Count: 24,979 words
Warnings Canon-level violence, allusions to underage sexytimes.
Summary: When Laura Hale died, she left behind a daughter, Maggie. Stiles (and his dad) have been caring for Maggie since the night Laura disappeared. Unbeknownst to Stiles, however, Maggie’s a werewolf, and she’s bonded with Stiles. Which means he feels extra protective when Peter Hale appears on the scene. (He may have also developed a little crush on Maggie’s uncle, the silent and brooding Derek Hale. Who said Stiles’ life was boring?)

Link to fic master post: At LJ | At DW
Link to art master post: ~Coming Soon~
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