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Werewolf Big Bang
FIC: Lycaon's Curse (Battlestar Galactica)  
21st-Jun-2013 11:53 am
[BSG] B/S dreams
Title: Lycaon's Curse
Author: plaid_slytherin
Artist: fragrantwoods
Fandom(s): Battlestar Galactica (2003)
Characters/Pairings: Bill/Saul, Laura, Tom, Sam Adama, Lee, Zak, others
Rating: M
Word Count: 16,598
Warnings implied torture and some wolfy violence
Summary: Bill and Saul have just married and have their entire life together planned out when Bill gets a call to come home for the first time in five years, forcing him to confront what he is and reveal the secret he'd been intending to keep from his new husband.
A/N: This is completely AU - werewolves, obviously, but also no Cylons and lots of people related to Bill who aren't actually related to Bill. :) Thanks to everyone who's supported me in this fic, especially the members of bsg_checkin, newnumbertwo for the hand-holding and beta and fragrantwoods for the surprise art.

Link to fic master post: http://ps-writes.livejournal.com/8713.html
Link to art master post: http://fragrantwoods.livejournal.com/134126.html
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